Just nu…

just nu sitter jag och väljer ut inbjudningskort till våran bröllopsfest 😀 det är sååååå kul att komma igång på riktigt men tyvärr kommer jag inte kunna beställa dom idag, måste gå till våran lokal imorgon och kolla upp ett antal detaljer som kommer behöva stå med på inbjudan, men förhoppningsvis kan jag beställa dom korten vi bestämmer oss för redan imorgon!! Jag är så sjukt stressad nu, och taggad till tänderna, men mycket stressad för det känns som att jag borde ha skickat korten för en månad sen, men men, som tur är så går ordet runt i min släkt så dom allra flesta vet redan vilket datum som är inbokat…

18 juli, på våran första bröllopsdag ♥

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  1. Ooh woaw mashAllah, exakt samma dag då jag ska gifta mig med min älskade inshaAllah =) What a small world 😛

    Hoppas vi båda får en dag vi kan minnas för evigt inshaAllah!

  2. How should a muslim marriage celebration be?

    With regard to having a wedding party in the Islamic manner, you have to keep away from the things which are forbidden in sharee’ah but which many people do not pay attention to during celebrations, such as the following:

    With regard to the woman: going to a male, non-mahram hairdresser to have her hair done; or adorning herself in ways that are haraam, such as thinning the eyebrows by plucking them, or wearing tattoos, or wearing hair extensions, or other kinds of haraam things, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed the one who plucks eyebrows and the one who has that done, the one who adds hair extensions and the one who asks to have that done; imitating the kuffaar in their dress, because usually the wedding dress shows many of the woman’s charms and her body, in such a way that the dress is very revealing – we seek refuge with Allaah – and also a great deal of money is wasted on the dress.

    Among the haraam actions that have to do with the man are: shaving his beard for the wedding night, which is done on the grounds that this makes him look more handsome, but this is something which is haraam according to sharee’ah; letting one’s clothes hang below the ankle (isbaal).

    There follows a list of haraam things which both men and women should avoid in the wedding party:

    1- Mixing of men with women, and things that are involved in that, such as greeting and shaking hands with one another, and men and women dancing together, because all of that is haraam and is a very serious matter.

    2- Taking pictures, whether men do that amongst themselves or women do that amongst themselves.

    3- Drinking alcohol or eating pork.

    4- Letting the husband come in to where the women are in order to take his wife.

    5- Women wearing revealing, tight or short clothes amongst themselves, because this is haraam – so how about wearing such things in front of men?

    6- People should avoid spending extravagantly or going to extremes in showing off in wedding parties, because that may wipe out the blessing.

    7- The husband and wife exchanging rings and thus imitating the kuffaar, thinking that this will increase the husband’s love for his wife and vice versa.

    Finally, both partners should know that the more the teachings of Islam are followed in the wedding party, the more blessed their marriage will be, the more love and harmony there will be between them, and the less problems they will encounter in their married life. For if the married life is based from the outset on haraam things which go against the commands of Allaah, how can they expect the marriage to be successful after that? There have been many marriages in which there were things that went against the commands of Allaah, and they did not last. Fear Allaah with regard to this party and keep it free of things that are forbidden in Islam. May Allaah bless you both. We ask Allaah to give you and your husband strength. May Allaah bless our Prophet Muhammad.

    And Allaah knows best.

    Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid


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